Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What's Up Wednesday?

How y'all doin'?  What's up with you?  "What's up with me, you ask?" Find out below:

Today I'm playing "What's Up Wednesday" along with one of my favorite fashionable mamas, Ms Sheaffer from Sheaffer Told Me To (formerly Pinterest Told Me to).

What's Up Wednesday

What we're eating this week--EGGS and veggies!

What I'm reminiscing about--Tattooed Moose  What?!  You don't know about the Moose? It's a great restaurant/bar on John's Island (the original is on Morrison Drive in Charleston).  Do NOT pass up the duck fat fries and "Mike's Famous Duck Club"!
THE Duck Club
What I'm loving--The longer, sunnier, spring days!

What we've been up to--Um, hanging around on our partio (it's a party patio; partio for short).

What I'm dreading--Contractors in my home and the "destruction" they will create :)

What I'm working on--Cleaning out my closet! So many clothes that I never wear!

What I'm excited about--SUMMER!! 

What I'm watching/reading--Lately, I've either been glued to the tv watching non-stop news or watching the backs of my eyelids aka sleeping.  Anyone have a good fluffy, cotton-candy book to suggest?

What I'm listening to--Pandora's set to Summer Hits of the 80s.  Does anyone see a theme here?

What I'm wearing--Cute new (summer) sandals!

What I'm doing this weekend--Spending time with the mister.  We'll planning a little tailgate before a college baseball game, a trip to farmers' market, and who knows what other fun we'll find.

What I'm looking forward to next month--April 15th Tax day.  GOTCHA!

What else is new--Hopefully, next month we'll have a new updated kitchen, new bath tile flooring complete with a warm floor system, and a new barn door for the barn we live in.

Come back and join me on Friday!  Another installation of Fearless Friday is on tap.  There may be a video:)

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