Friday, March 18, 2016

Fearless Friday

As I now have half a century of life behind me (wait, does that make me an antique? Or vintage?), it's time to start living.

To a certain extent,  I've allowed fear to paralyze me.  I was afraid of posting something new on this blog (hello, the last post was almost FOUR years ago!). I've been afraid to start a project for fear it wouldn't be "perfect".  Today, I say "Peshaw!" to fear and perfectionism!

This Fearless Friday I took on real poached eggs. You know, those fancy-schmancy ones at finer restaurants. The ones you drop into boiling water.  A quick google search lead me to this recipe: Poached Eggs Caprese .  Great!  I had almost everything on hand ( I did substitute a different cheese).

A couple of deep breaths later, I was off and running, er, cooking.  The poaching part takes under 3 minutes-quick and easy-though not something you want to rush especially if you're on a tight morning schedule.  Save this recipe for a lazy morning --a weekend, a beach vacation day.

Less than ten minutes later, breakfast was served!

Ok, so one of the mister's poached eggs broke.  It's not perfect but guess what?  They tasted great! 
The next time I make poached eggs,  I'll use a big kitchen slotted spoon to retrieve the eggs from the pan. The pesto was a nice yummy lower calorie addition.

How 'bout we all say "Peshaw" to fear and perfectionism?  My eggs weren't perfect; I'm not a size zero or even a two; my blog posts may have typos.  Who really cares?  I'm not afraid to go by myself ALONE to a new restaurant (did you know you could do that and have an enjoyable time?). I can have adventures by myself though it is more fun with the mister and/or friends.  I can poach eggs!

Stayed tuned for next Fearless Friday!

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