Friday, March 25, 2016

Fearless Friday--Field trip

It's another Fearless Friday!  This time we're taking a little field trip, down the road a bit, to Hilton Head.

First, confession time--Most people who know me IRL know that once I get on Seabrook Island I don't care to leave the island except maybe for rations and supplies :)

What folks don't know is that as I've gotten older I've grown more skeered (that's Southern for "scared") of heights.  Blame it on my mother.  She is deathly afraid of heights! Oh, and apparently she's passed it on to at least one of her grandchildren (you know who you are--"the weeping like a baby while hyperventilating" all while in a tethered hot air balloon kiddo!)

On to the field trip.  Someone (*cough* me) got the brainiac idea to test her  "height" limits along with her daughter's with a zipline.  And like every good girls' road trip, we had an accomplice (who is NOT afraid of heights or anything else life throws her way).

Zipline Hilton Head was our destination.  Eight ziplines with heights of 75 feet.  How hard can this be, right? It's going to be fun, right?  Here are our smiling faces BEFORE we got suited up in our zipline Hilton Head gear:

Look at those BIG smiles!

Oh.My.Gosh!! Zipline Hilton Head was fun!  Ok, maybe it was a little scary at first. And, maybe my hearing is just now coming back due to the screaming of "someone" in our group :)  But I'm ready to go back and take the mister.

Here's what you need to know about Zipline Hilton Head:
  • The zipline adventure lasts approximately 2 hours.
  • Make your reservation online.  Plan ahead.  Times do sell out.
  • Dress properly.  Close-toed shoes that tie eg sneakers, hiking boots.  Comfortable "fitted" clothing.  You'll be outfitted in ziplining gear that is made of webbing.  Longer, tighter shorts are better than short loose ones.
  • Arrive early.  You'll fill out paperwork before being suited up.
  • Bring a good attitude!
Other tips include hydrate before you get to Zipline Hilton Head; Apply lots of sunscreen; Leave hats, sunglasses, and phones at home (or in the car. You don't want to take a chance losing those while your flying through the air on a zipline!).  Next time, I might consider wearing cargo shorts IF they have a good side pocket for my phone.

Here's a video from Zipline Hilton Head that will get your heart pumping! ZipLine Adventure

BTW, I can't show you our AFTER photo.  Just imagine BIGGER smiles, messy matted hair, and maybe some "glistening" skin (you know, we Southern women don't sweat, we glisten.)

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