Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wine Wednesday-Wish List

Wednesday already??  This week has flown by...and I've yet to mark anything off my to-do list.  Oh well!  Guess that makes this "Whine" Wednesday:)

Does anyone else keep a list of wines they'd like to try, wineries to visit, etc.? Somehow my list continues to grow.  Hmmm, another list I'm not marking things off of.

This Wine Wednesday I'm sharing two items from my wine list.  ONE will get marked off this year! I promise!

Last fall the mister and I stayed downtown at the Grand Bohemian Hotel shortly after it opened.  My oh my!  From the Grand Bohemian Art Gallery to the 50 eclectic rooms to Eleve, the rooftop bar, this Charleston boutique hotel is spectacular (and conveniently located at the corner of Wentworth and Meeting Streets).  Perhaps the most intriguing amenity (at least to me) is the Grand Bohemian's wine blending classes.

Grand Bohemian's wine blending class will happen for me in 2016! (If you mark it in bold, you are committed to making it happen)

The classes are held Wednesdays-Sundays at 4 pm and 6:30 pm.  The cost is $100/person excluding tax and gratuity.  For that $100 you get a little wine education, slurps of wine, some nibbles, and a bottle of your very own wine creation!  If you plan well in advance, you can design a wine label at home and Grand Bohemian will put it on your bottle.  How fun is that!

**Grand Bohemian Hotel is part of Marriot.  If you're a Marriot Rewards member you can earn points on each stay; use points for a stay (currently 45, 000 Marriot points); or use points and cash for rooms.  Special rates are offered if you have AAA, AARP, or military memberships.

Another item on my wine list is: Get my hands of more Violin Wine. (There I go "bolding" again)

Violin Wines was started in Oregon by my beach bestie's son, Will.  Knowing my love of pinot noirs, BB (beach bestie) brought me a bottle last summer.  She was a little secretive when presenting the bottle.  Perhaps she didn't want others to see what she had given me;)  Actually, she wanted to show and tell the label.

See when you cover up the V and the I of the label, what remains is O L I N.  What does "OLIN" mean, you ask?  Olin just happens to be the BB's grandson-Will's son.  Isn't that just the sweetest thing ever?  Now you see why I have to get more Violin wine...and it's a pretty outstanding wine:)

Please follow Violin Wine on Facebook or on Violin Wine's website if you want to find out when and where the next case of wine can be found.
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