Friday, April 22, 2016

Fearless Friday-Traveling Alone

When you're a parent, you rarely get time away with your partner.  Alone "mommy time" happens once in a blue moon.  Well, it's my blue moon time!

I'm traveling to the big city of Chicago this weekend all by myself.  My older daughter lives there so it's not as if I will be ALONE the entire weekend (plus she's cat sitting so I'll have three cats to keep me company during the day).

I'm in charge of getting from O'hare Airport to my daughter's office then to her apartment ALL BY MYSELF.

Ummm, can you keep a secret?  I'm just a wee bit skeered.  A fifty year old woman shouldn't be nervous about hailing her own cab but I am.

This weekend will be a good test of my gumption.

How will you test yourself this weekend??

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