Thursday, September 10, 2009

Seabrook Island: Loggerhead Turtle update

The 2009 turtle hatching season on Seabrook Island is coming to a close.  An inventory of Nest #35 on September 6, 2009 was not a let-down for the crowd that had gathered to witness the "checking of the nest."  Two hatchlings were found alive and were carefully escorted to the wide open ocean.

To read more on this loggerhead turtle nesting season, visit Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol's website.

Visit Turtle Tracks to learn about loggerhead turtles on neighboring Kiawah Island.

Learn more about Fripp Island's Turtle Nest Protection Program and the 27 nests they found this year by visiting the Turtle Nest webpage.

Additional information about loggerhead turtles along the South Carolina coast can be found here.  Patti Romano, author of the article, is also a big part of Planet Bonehead, an educational environmental tv show for kids.

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