Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Speed Traps

One of my Seabrook Island neighbors recently got a speeding ticket on her drive back to the island from Charleston.

Apparently, the speed limit is not clearly posted as you turn off HWY 17 onto Main Road (I believe it is 35 mph before the bridge).

While I encourage all drivers to slow down when traveling on the roads on John's Island ( how else will you be able to fully appreciate the magnificent live oaks lining the roads?), here's a website I found to locate speed traps: SpeedTrap.org

Click on the "Find Speed Traps" button in the upper navigation bar. You can search by state and then by town.

If Seabrook Island is your final destination, please remember the speed limit inside the gate of Seabrook Island is 25 mph. It is closely monitored for the protection of bikers, walkers, joggers, etc. Security has been known to write speeding tickets for 26 mph.

**As a safety precaution, drivers, please do not pass bikers in the traffic islands located throughout Seabrook Island.

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