Friday, May 22, 2009

Sea turtle season on Seabrook Island, SC

It's that time again--sea turtle nesting season. On May 19, 2009, Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol(SITP) located the first loggerhead turtle nest of the season.

Nest #1 was found on the Edisto River Beach near the Pelican Watch condos.

To follow the Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol and the 2009 nesting season online, check SITP's website often.

If you're lucky to be visiting Seabrook Island this summer, keep a watch out for the turtle patrol. They're the folks wearing green tee shirts that say "Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol."

You usually find the members of the turtle patrol walking the beach early in the mornings looking for turtle tracks (or crawls). The SITP are eager to educate others about loggerhead turtles.

See you on the beach!

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