Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Restaurants-Lucy's Red Sky Grill

**2016 Update--Lucy's is closed**

It's been a while since I've put a plug in for Lucy's Grill, located outside the gate to Seabrook Island, SC.

Late last summer, it was Date Night for me and my sweetie.  Guess where we chose to go?  Lucy's [Red Sky] Grill.

And, yes, there is a reason I put "Red Sky" in brackets.  It seems more than a few people were confusing Lucy's Red Sky Grill with Red's Ice House which is located over at Bohicket Marina.  So Lucy is trying to become known as just "Lucy's Grill."  I throw in the "Red Sky" occasionally so folks remember this is the same popular restaurant from many years ago.

Anyway, back to my date night.  I started off with the most delicious appetizer--New Orleans Style Barbeque Shrimp.  Let's just say, I can't remember what I had as an entree that evening because all I could talk and think about was the shrimp dish!  My-o-my, it was good!  As usual, I forgot to pull out the camera to snap a picture of the New Orleans Style Barbeque Shrimp.

The shrimp had a reduction sauce made with Yuengling beer and was served with hot toasted bread.  Yes, all manners went out the window as I sopped up every last drop of that sauce with the bread.

For dessert, sweetie and I shared some sort of ice cream creation.  I recall it was a "cherry bomb"--a scoop of ice cream dunked in dark chocolate.  The plate was artfully decorated with raspberries, a pureed fruit sauce, and who knows what else.  We managed to devour the dessert (and I did take a photo albeit not too good).

Next visit, I think I'll have two orders of the shrimp!

Lucy's [Red Sky] Grill is currently open Monday-Sunday nights, 5:30-9:00 pm.  Find Lucy's on Facebook to keep up to date with dinner specials.  Currently, Sunday nights are "Jazz Sundays"; Liver and Onions on Tuesday, Prime Rib on Wednesday, and Tuna 2 Ways on Thursday!

1001 Landfall Way
Seabrook Island, SC

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