Saturday, September 6, 2008

Seabrook Island survives Hanna

Early morning word from Seabrook Island neighbors is our Sealoft neighborhood survived the threat of Tropical Storm Hanna.

All eyes are now on Hurricane Ike. Here is a great hurricane tracking site sent to me by another SI neighbor:

While there are several months remaining in hurricane season, it is still an awesome time to visit the Lowcountry. Crowds are gone from the tourist attractions. Days are cooler. Beaches are void of the tapestry of blankets and towels of the summer months. On Seabrook Island, you might discover you're the only one on the beach!

If you choose to rent a vacation home or villa, remember to ask about severe weather policies (i.e. cancellation policies). Trip insurance can be purchased to protect your Lowcountry vacation.

Y'all come visit us!

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