Monday, September 22, 2008

Restaurant Review: King Street Grille

King Street Grille--Located at Freshfields Village

Quick Lowdown:
  • Sit outside if the weather’s good
  • Chicken Quesadilla appetizer satisfied the entire family
  • Anything with “barbeque” in the name will be messy, but the pretzel buns are good
  • A few troubles with the wraps, but overall, they are satisfying
  • The seasoned french fries were a big hit
  • Bypass if you’re looking for traditional Lowcountry foods.
Over the past few summers, we have watched Freshfields Village grow from a few shops and a grocery store to a marketplace with something for everyone. This summer, one of the new additions was King Street Grille. We had heard good things about it, so we decided to give it a try.

Because of the perfect weather, we opted to sit outside. The interior looked very comfortable, but the mild humidity was rare, so we took advantage of it.

We started off with a quesadilla as an appetizer that was the hit of the meal. There was just the right amount of spice to make it interesting and the “extras” on the side, like sour cream, guacamole, and tomatoes, allowed each of our four-person family to customize to his or her heart’s content.

Our smallest member ended up ordering the largest entree, the barbeque bacon cheeseburger. This monster burger is not for the faint of heart. It has two hamburger patties stacked with bacon and cheese, and then smothered in barbeque sauce. Though only half was eaten and the other half taken home for another meal, it was given two barbeque-sauced thumbs up.

Dad chose the barbeque chicken sandwich. While not as covered in sauce as the burger, it was still a bit messy. When asked how his sandwich was, Dad simply answered, “It was good.”

The favorite part of the sandwiches were the pretzel buns. They are exactly what they sound like: hamburger buns made out of pretzel dough. Because they are made from a denser dough, these buns held up extremely well in the face of all the barbeque sauce.

Mom and I went for a more healthy (or at least we like to tell ourselves that) choice: wraps.

I originally ordered the shrimp sandwich, served on a croissant, but at the recommendation of our waiter, changed it to a shrimp wrap. While this was a good wrap overall, I ordered it for the shrimp and was a bit disappointed. The tomatoes, lettuce, and special seasoned sauce all overpowered the shrimp. All the flavors on their own were good, but when combined, it was hard to taste any one specific element.

Mom selected the prime rib wrap. Again, she was happy with the wrap as a whole, but felt there were some problems with it. The distribution of the “fillings” was uneven, so one bite might be prime rib with a little bit of extras, while the next bite would be a bite expected of a salad wrapped in a tortilla.

We both agree that the tortillas used were a good choice, but noticed that as we got closer and closer to the bottom, our wraps became just tortilla. Though this is to be expected to some extent of any wrap, it seemed to happen faster in King Street Grille’s wraps.

King Street Grille was a good experience. The waitstaff was helpful, the food was good, and the atmosphere and option of sitting outside was delightful. The biggest warning though, is that if you are wanting traditional Lowcountry foods, this is not the place to go. King Street Grille is great for sandwiches, but shrimp, crab, and other seafood don’t seem to be a major part of their menu.

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