Thursday, November 1, 2007

Packing for a weekend getaway

My challenge for this weekend getaway was to fit everything in one small carry-on bag. When you're traveling to a casual beach front community, it does make packing a little easier.

Here's my four day packing list:
  • white tee shirt
  • orange tee shirt
  • patterned tee shirt
  • black tank
  • brown sweater set
  • blue jeans
  • khaki pants
  • khaki shorts
  • brown slip-on shoes
  • black flip flops
  • bathing suit
  • lounge pants with off white tank
  • undergarments: 1 per day plus 1 extra
  • socks: 1 pair for each travel day plus 1 extra pair
  • health and beauty aids
My basic rules for coordinating outfits are to pick a primary color. Then add an additional color or two. For this trip I choose brown/khaki as my primary color and used black and white as my complementary colors. Orange was my extra color.

Now how do you get all this in one tiny bag? Roll the garments! I layer all my shirts on top of each other and then roll them up starting from the bottom hem. Pants are folded lengthwise and rolled up starting from the bottom.

Extra tips: Place all undergarments in a gallon sized clear zip top bag (Do you want TSA agents touching your "unmentionables"?).

All health and beauty aids should be placed in one quart sized clear zip top bag.

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