Sunday, February 3, 2008

Travel accommodations

Accommodations come in all shapes and sizes. Some folks prefer a fully catered hotel. I love vacation rentals.

Here are my top five reasons to pick a vacation rental for your next getaway:
  1. More privacy: You’re not as likely to hear the comings and goings of the guests in the next room.
  2. More space: When renting a home, you have more space to spread out, relax, and enjoy yourself. No more squeezing into a tiny hotel room!
  3. More amenities: Televisions in every room, DVD players, stereos, video and board games, hot tubs, and outdoor grills are just a of the few amenities you might find in a vacation rental.
  4. More economical: Simply put, you get more bang for your buck when renting a vacation home. Hotels charge by the room; vacation rentals charge for a fully stocked home.
  5. More pet friendly: Vacation rental owners understand how important it can be for families to travel with their four-legged “kids”. While not all rentals are pet friendly, you should be able to find owners who’ll welcome you.
How do you find a vacation rental? If you know where you want to visit, I recommend googling "vacation rental" + your chosen destination. This online search should yield a plethora of choices.

Not sure where you want to visit? Head to one of the big online vacation rental listing sites. A few are ,, and

Have fun discovering all the choices!

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